23 June 2011

My Best Birthday Card. Ever

I rarely write posts of a personal nature but this was something that I just had to share with you. I had my birthday recently and don’t really go out of my way to celebrate it. However, my birth date (not year!) is on Facebook and one of my ‘old’ students sent me the card above. I should mention here that I work at an inner city college teaching IT to (often) disadvantaged teenagers. The inverted commas are around the word ‘old’ because he must be only about 19 now and I taught him three or four years ago (not English I hasten to add!).

The card came as a surprise, but boy, did it brighten up my day. It hasn’t been a brilliant time at work recently and I can’t tell you what a lift this card gave me – and my colleagues. So, I just had to share this with you as well! Yes, I have asked him if I could share this – the only proviso was that I blanked out his name because, after all, he has a reputation to uphold and this probably wouldn’t do it any good at all!

I should mention, for readers outside of the UK that sh*tfaced means to get drunk and fag is a cigarette!