Evil Toofairy

13 June 2011

When you are a little boy and you lose a tooth there may be good reason to be afraid, especially if you believe that the Toofairy is evil.  Yet little boys can be rather ingenious and when it means protecting yourself against the Evil tooth fairy then they usually have a trick or two up their sleeves.

This charming (!) short animated film - Evil Toofairy - was made by Vancouver Film School Student Eduardo Monroy Dugelby.  It was made through the VFS Digital Character Animation.  We can see a bright future awaiting Mr Dugelby - as long as the Evil Filmfairy doesn't get to him first, that it!

If you enjoyed the adventures of the boy and the toofairy, then this will make you roar with laughter.

Movie may be too big a word for this four minute spectacular.  However, if you like a pastiche of other movies, plus Kung Fu sea gulls you will love this over at our sibling site, Webphemera.

See how many movie references you can find. We won't give them away here, but you will have a lot of fun looking for them. This is a very clever short film!

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