26 June 2011

Yankee Gal

Yankee Gal is another outstanding example of work created at the Supinfocom animation school. Antoine Perez, Céline Desrumaux, Francois Pons and Gary Levesque are the students involved in the making of this World War II drama which shows a pilot in the last few minutes of his life, aboard his eponymously named fighter plane. This final year movie shows all the students' expected CG skill but more significantly it immediately draws the viewer into the storyline right from the opening shots of the fighter tumbling ablaze in the direction of the ground.

The pilot is powerless in his endeavors to avoid the seemingly inevitable crash. While this happens the pilot, confused and lapsing in and out of consciousness witnesses his own seduction by a femme fatale, a nightclub singer who may well be the personification of his winged vehicle. Striking animation from young talent.