13 June 2011


This is AMAZING. OK, it may be twelve minutes long, which is longer than your average stop motion animation you will find on Kuriositas but the twelve minutes will pass like two, promise! It tells the story of Zero, born in to a world where everyone is judges according to the number that they are born with. You can guess where Zero is on the scale of things, then!

Without any of life’s opportunities, Zero must make his way in the world. As such this is a story of courage, resilience and determination but most of all it is a story of love.  If you have kids, get them in the room now and sit them down to watch this.  Or if you like checking out what they see first, I am sure you won't mind watching it twice.

This remarkable stop motion animation was created by Australian husband and wife filmmaking duo, Christopher and Christine Kezelos with help from the New South Wales Film and Television Office. Were they only to have helped bring one film to light – and this was it – then it would justify their entire existence (but they have done so much more).

I admit, I am a sucker for all and any types of animation but rarely does it move me to tears (which I do not mind admitting that Zero did). Which part? Ah, well, as you can imagine it is quite close to the end which is nothing short of magical. Hurrah for Australia!