12 June 2011

Transformers 3 - Amazing Footage of Wingsuit Stunts

Transformers 3 will be released later this month but while you eagerly await the movie (or not as the case may be) then you may just appreciate the sheer awesomeness of the non-green special effects that are going in to it – particularly the Birdmen sequence featured here.

The director of the movie, Michael Bay saw some wing suit experts on Sixty Minutes one night and decided on the spot that they had to be featured in Transformers 3.

This sort of thing had never been attempted before in a downtown city environment. The Sears Tower in Chicago was used as the jump base and, of course, people will assume that this is the product of green screen technology.

However – as you can see from this stunning footage, this is as real as stunt effects in movies can get!