3 December 2010

Giant Pink Snails Invade Miami

It sounds like the name of a long forgotten B-Movie from the 1950s but Miami has indeed been invaded by giant pink snails – 45 of them – and they are there with purpose.   However, unlike many of the alien invaders featured in many science fiction movies, these come in peace.

At eight foot tall that may be just as well but these giant snails are in fact an installation by the Cracking Art Groups (or CAG).  They have been set at the major entry points of the Florida city for a period of six weeks.  They will then take a tour of Florida (and no doubt take in Disneyland on the way).

When it comes to art of this kind, particularly the invasions of giant multi-colored beasts throughout a plethora of European cities over the last two years the answer to why is usually simply because.  Fair enough, but these snails are in Miami to make a certain point.  Little wonder, though, that this latest influx of visitors is European in origin.

The CAP group is committed to creating a sustainable global set of ecosystems and as such they create these sculptures (using only recycled plastics it must be added).  The whole point of the project, which is fully supported by the Mayor of Miami Beach, Matti Bower is to make people stop, wonder, think and hopefully act.

After all, recycling has become such a part of our culture that it is easy to believe that by categorising the trash then that’s our bit done.  However, the fact that we can all do more collectively is something of which CAG wish to remind us.

Oh... and they also come in mini-mollusc size (and before any of you tell me that snails are gastropods, I couldn't resist the pun plus snails are members of the molluscan class known as Gastropoda).

The group, which hails from Italy, have recently had their work on display in Milan (seen rampaging its streets above).  Yet you may still be wondering just why they chose green snails.