20 December 2010

Evening Standrd Posters - Anonymous, Satirical and Crafty

Over recent weeks a number of satirical posters for the London Evening Standrd have been appearing throughout the English capital. They reflect the political climate with some satire - as well as some being just for fun. So far the persons involved have failed to put their hands up and claim responsibility. To paraphrase Many Rice-Davies, Well, they would do that, wouldn't they?

The above is our favorite by a long chalk.  It announces that the US government has announced that Wikileaks have Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs).  Of course, we all remember the last time that the US said that...

The above is a reference to the recent student protests cum riots which happened after the UK's coalition governments announced a potential tripling of student university fees, meaning that in a few years graduates may well leave education with a £27,000 debt saddle around their necks.  Perhaps if the police hadn't left the sweets in their riot vans the violence could have been avoided.

As an aside, the real deal, the London Evening Standard is a 180 odd year old newspaper with something (ahem) of a conservative nature.  Last year it changed its business plan meaning that for the first time in its history it was given out for nothing.  The newspaper vendors, part of the iconic look, sound and feel of late afternoon London, went the way of the Dodo.  Which was a shame.

The Standrd does, much like its almost namesake, keep an eye on society hatches, matches and dispatches.  So every now and again there is good news.

Although we suspect that it may not be the same people, perhaps the latest perpetrators of satire against the media took their inspiration from an exhibition a few years ago which did a very similar thing.  Although we cannot remember the name of the artist (answers on a postcard) we did manage to find the picture above.