27 December 2010

Sebastian's Voodoo

This is quite an extraordinary piece of animation.  It tells the story of a voodoo doll (yes, you read correctly) who decides to act against his maker and save the other voodoo dolls.  In order to do this, however, there must be an element of self sacrifice.

Created by Joaquin Baldwin (whose work we have featured before on Kuriositas) this is an exceptional four minutes. He is an Annie Award nominee director and animator from Paraguay who now lives in Los Angeles. He is now finishing his MFA in animation at UCLA.

Not unsurprisingly, Baldwin is the recipient of over 40 international awards for his animated films, including Sebastian's Voodoo.

This really is one of the best single handed animations I have seen, particularly when it comes to the amazing modelling, texturing and lighting. The dolls do look very creepy but you can't help but feel sorry for them and hope they escape the clutches of their evil creator - and I can't think of any other movie where you feel for the voodoo doll, not off the top of my head anyway.Wonderful work.