21 December 2010

All I Want for Christmas is...

This is dedicated to all of you who (as children or adults) wished long and hard for something for Christmas, made the heavy hints to loved ones, left magazine pages open displaying to one and all the product of your heart's desire ONLY for your wish to be completely and utterly dashed when it came to Christmas morning.

Do you remember the anticipation?  The handing of the present in to your grateful hands?  The tearing at the wrapping paper?  Yes.  And then the shock, the peering in to the box to see if something else was in it, the disappointment, the hot flush on the cheeks, the tears that came despite you willing them to stop.  Then the rage, the all encompassing Danny Boyle Zombie Film rage.

What happens in this animation is quite probably what you felt like doing.  However, society has its boundaries in terms of behavior which most of us choose not to cross.  This is the story of one funny shaped child who dared to cross those boundaries.