27 December 2010

Lord Vader on Vacation

When you are a Dark Lord of the Sith sometimes you have to take time out – after all, ruthlessly controlling a galaxy far far away is a tiring and thankless task. Occasionally you need to remember what (or who) you once were. What better way to do so than to take a vacation and relive some of the joyous activities of your adolescence?

OK, so the movies don’t exactly show Anakin Skywalker as a surfer dude but, let’s be frank, it doesn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to picture the young Jedi surfing the waves. Yet the power of the dark side is such that even when Lord Vader takes to the sea once again, he cannot quite shake off the shackles of his current life.

There is little doubt why psychiatrists have often considered Vader a useful example to explain borderline personality disorder to medical students. Given these photographs the proof is self evident. What kind of imagination it took to come up with this is another issue entirely. The marvelous figure of Vader on vacation is the creation of abell.

It is certainly a twist on the any number of traditional figures of Vader that you can get your hands on – and we love the humor and creativity involved here. It is the brainchild of Indonesian based toymaker Abell Octovan. We would like to thank him in his guise as Flickr user abell for giving us permission to reproduce the pictures of his creation here. Please visit his photostream for more pictures and information.

Ifyou would like to see another of Abell's fantastic toys, take a look at his barking gun, which is something else!

If you are interested in having the Lord on Vacation in your own home you can drop Abell a line at jellyokky@yahoo.com or if you prefer, send a message on their Facebook page.