20 December 2010

Meet the Geeks

Geek culture in the twenty first century is vast - and it can leave many non-geeks a little bewildered to say the least. So, in an attempt to educate the general population, Sano Sagara and Luis Francisco have put together this useful guide for the non-initiated.

The short film has been made in the style of the instructional videos of the forties and fifties, complete with slightly bemused narrator who guides us through four aspects of contemporary geek culture.  As a crafty play on an old genre of film making it works very well.  You may not see your own particular brand of geekiness portrayed here, but keep in mind that this was a project done by the guys for their studies at the Vancouver Film School.

At least it is an attempt to educate the wider world about geek culture.  After all, geeks will inevtiably rule the earth and perhaps the general populace should know a little about their future overlords (and I will finish this post off with a suitable evil cackle).