27 December 2010

Love Nest

You may actually wonder for a second or two what the video above is doing on Kuriositas. After all, with due respects to its creator, the characters are not the best drawn in the entire universe.

To be honest, with a script as sharp as this they could have just been the vaguest of squiggles and I would still have included this little gem amongst the Oscar winners and nominees you might normally expect to see here. The short animation, Love Nest is both seasonal (in as much as it features a pair of robins) and a fond, if somewhat jagged, take on married life.

The animation which comes in under four minutes in length made me laugh out loud several times - and surely the key to good comedy is to do just that.  I could add that the laughter was induced as much by my recognition of some of the circumstances portrayed within the short as the delivery of the lines themselves.  Oh, I just did. Put it another way - if you have ever cohabited (and produced offspring), you will see the truth in much of the humor on display here.

Love Nest is the creation of Sami Abusamra who works as an editor to pay the bills  but who also directs - his aim is to make feature films in the future.  In fact he is seriously looking for a collaborator (one, he says, who can draw) so if you are interested drop by his Vimeo page and make contact!