18 December 2010

The Julian Assange Pronunciation Plan

Julian Assange, the Australian publisher, journalist and internet activist has been in the news more than his role as spokesperson for the whistleblower websire Wikileaks. Yet as various debates rage there is one which demands to be fully addressed. How do you pronounce Julian Assange's name? Here is our short guide.

The options

Assang-er - as in anger
No, afraid not. It doesn't quite get it although it is not a bad attempt. A shame in a way because this could have given many newspaper headline writers a really easy time of it. On second thoughts, maybe it's not a shame at all.

Assang - as in sang
No. Sorry. Again this would have been handy for journalists, what with Wikileaks singing like a boird. We have to look for a more European pronunciation of the name to get it right.

Assanj - as in flange
It is amazing just how many gift horses the various different (but incorrect) prononciations of his name would have given the hacks (of the journalistic variety. Again, though, we may be nearing the correct way of saying Julian's name but we are not there just yet.

Assanji - as in Angie
Ah, well. No. This would have been pretty neat though, as it wound make it rhyme with Jumanji, the story of a boy trapped in a game for decades (hold on...). However, much as this has been used by many broadcasters, it is wrong.

Assahnj - as in blancmange

The nail on the head at last. This concoction of cream and sugar mixed with gelatin shows us the way to the correct pronunciation of the name Assange.

OK, now you have it make sure you really irritate all your friends by correcting them every time they say his name in the wrong manner.