24 December 2010


This time of year means one thing for many people, especially little ones - the school play.  During the casting and rehearsals many angst ridden pre-teen has been known to harbor more than a few dark feelings towards their peers.  For most, time and new loves and interests (not to mention years of therapy) will wipe out all but the most fleeting memories of their days on the school stage.

For one little guy, though, his moment in the spotlight will stay with him forever. This charming animation covers a lot of what you might expect from a school play.  A knight. A princess. A dragon. Three little kids. An epic battle for love and honor.

Dragonboy is a collaborative thesis done by Lisa Allen, Bernie Warman and Shaofu Zhang at the Academy of Art University.  And it's marvellous - a hugely enoyable tale of the underdog triumphing.