5 December 2010

Oxygen goes to Element-ary School

Everyone has to have their first day at school but for some it is more difficult with others. When it comes to little oxygen, that first day at element-ary school can be fraught with dangers as well as possibillities.

This very cool animation by Christopher Hendryx very clevery imagines young oxygen's first day - with all the fear that goes with it. Unfortunately for the poor little chap, some of the other kids turn out to be not the ideal playmates for which he was hoping.

I do wonder how many teachers know of this beautiful, entertaining, and educational animation.  Certainly if I was teaching a group of young students about the elements I would use this.  It's a great introduction to the Periodic Table.  As well as resonating with their own memories of their first day at school it also provides some valuable learning about what happens when oxygen gets together with other elements (shame what happened to poor little iron!).

This was created as Hendryx's thesis, produced at the Ringling College of Art an Design in the department of Computer Animation. If he is still looking for work in the industry my best advice would be to produce a few more of these and start selling them on DVD.