1 December 2010

Bubble Trouble

While the winter perseveres it is sometimes an idea to look back at warmer times. I came across this video today created by jaysinspace.  It's very cleverly done in slomo and the music matches the childrens' actions exactly.  What makes it even better is that the bubbles are full of smoke.

I kepy expecting Patrick McGoohan to pop up in this video and start ranting on about being a free man and not a number (you know what I mean!).

Of course, from where I am sitting now I can hear the excited sqeals of children as they play in the snow that fell over London yesterday, which is all very nice.  Seeing these kids in pursuit of great big giant bubbles is better.

That is because I am firmly of the opinion that while a lot of people seem to like snow, I find it on the whole to be an unnecessary freezing of water.  So, roll on the summer!