28 December 2010

December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse

Kuriositas is based in the UK (as you may or may not know but do now) and recently we have had the coldest December on record.  What that meant was snow - and quite a lot of it.  Yet every time we have a spot of inclement weather in the UK the whole country grinds to a singular and sudden halt.  True, some areas were badly hit but nothing quite as bad as this.

Here is forty seconds of timelapse footage of the blizzard which has brought a large amount of the USA to a standstill.  It covers a period of about twenty hours and was shot by Michael Black in his garden in New Jersey.  The equipment used (if you care to know) was a Canon DLSR on tripod with remote timer taking a photo once every five minutes.

So if you are in the UK (and responsible for traffic, roads, rail or air) take a look at this - this is what real snow looks like.  Goodness only knows what would happen if there was this amount of snow falling in the UK.  The government would probably tell us to seal our houses and burn all the books.  After all, they will have seen the best instructional film around, The Day After Tomorrrow.

Thanks to Neatorama, where we saw this.