2 December 2010

Snow in the UK - in Pictures

If you live in a colder climate you may scratch your head and wonder why, every time there is a sprinkling of the white stuff, the UK grinds to a halt. Well, it has happened again but this time it is a little different. The UK has had the most snow over the last few days than it has had for a generation - for this time of year. At least it gives people a good reason to take pictures. So, we thought we would put together a selection.The above is from Meath in Northern Ireland.

For many the snow means a day off work.  However, just because you can;t get to work, it doesn't mean that you can't get out in the snow closer to home and enjoy yourself.  Certainly, Wollaton Hall in Nottingham had no shortage of visitors wanting to try to tobogan down its slopes.

For some, however, the show must go on - rain or shine or snow.  The Royal Mail, for instance, must get through.  However, from the expression on the face of this postman in Otley, West Yorks, it could have waited a day or two really.

At Westgate School, someone left a message for the children in case that they got there. The wags.

The weather isn't completely without the opportunity for a little irony.  In fact it is ripe with ironic possibiities.  The above window cleaning service van in Sheffield (one of the worst hit places) certainly has a certain irony to it.  Perhaps the owner could have ensured the windows were uncovered.  Yet sometimes, the intervention of the human hand is not needed.

The Sphinx in Crystal Palace Park has been given a new hair style, thanks to the snow.

If you do manage to get out to take a walk, you may not be able to have a rest if you tire. These park chairs in Sheffield need a little clearing.

If you were hoping to use alternative transport then you might have to reconsider, particularly if you live in Bradford.  In general the media has been telling people that unless their journey is completely necessary then the safest thing to do is to stay indoors.  However, people are already asking about what happens if the snowy weather persists?  We may just have to get uesed to it.

Shops are opening but if you want to make a call or have a cigarette break then you still have to go outside.  At least with the plethora of snowmen that have sprung up you have some company.  However, don't expect to get far in your car.

Now, that's what I call winter transport!

No need to tell you where this is but you are probably best not to go there.  Of course, going by the stereotype that all the British ever talk about is the weather, imagine the conversations and text messages that have been occurring throughout the snow bound British Isles!

Yetdespite the moans and the groans about the snow (and the weather in general) there is a beauty to it which cannot be denied.  Edinburgh Castle (above) looks magnificent in the snow.

There may not be (m)any shopper on Lewes High Street but with the added festive cheer of the Christmas tree is looks lovelier than usual.

The view of the river Thurso is beautiful. Yet there is a certain desolation to many scenes.

In many places it looks as if a zombie apocalypse has happened - many roads are deserted.  The only sign that there are survivors, possibly, are the tracks in the snow.  Yet they look like they may have been made by a certain undead shuffle.

Yet there are many living beings still around.  Children are everywhere, some experiencing their first large snowfall.  Yet it is still a matter for debate whose behaviour is the dafter - the kids or the parents!

One group which should not be forgotten are those who do not necessarily have access to warm homes and central heating.  Many have spared a thought for the birds and other animals, making sure that the little creatures have something to eat.