Darth Vader Does Tai Chi

22 August 2010

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Hey you!  Yes, you!  Bored as a BD-D4? As slow and listless as Jek Tono Porkins? Then why not take up the ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi?

No need to worry if you are a beginner.  If you are going to learn, learn from a master.  Our in house expert Mister Darth Vader (DV to his friends, as seen on Oprah and Ellen) will take you through your paces and reveal to you the secrets of Tai Chi. After all – the word chi in Chinese means life-force and it is the energy created by all living beings in the universe.

And DV sure knows how to use the force! So can you!  Tell us how you get on copying DV's moves on his FACEBOOK PAGE.

Hey! We know he comes with something of a reputation, but, rest assured.  Our fully comprehensive insurance policy will ensure that in the case of accidental decapitation your nearest and dearest will want for nothing. 

So, sit back and take in the 42-Form as it is known in Tai Chi circles.  You’re sure to want to sign up when you see DV go through his moves! Explore your inner calm, find that relaxed concentration and, most of all discover that lethal inner precision you always knew you had. 

Terms and conditions apply. Kuriositas assumes no responsibility for damages or injury related to prolonged exposure to the dark side. Darth Vader Does Tau Chi is not a trademark, it's more of an oxymoron.

Seriously, though - how good was that?  A real labor of love by Vimeo user and Star Wars fan John Leo.

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