19 August 2012


Planet Earth – as you may never have seen it before. Vancouver Film School student Stefano Marrone (with sound by the fabulously named Aroon M Zick) has come up with a very different way of viewing the history of communication on our pale blue dot – through the direct experiences of the planet itself, tooned up very cutely indeed. It’s all there – from the creation of the alphabet and the printing press, to newspapers and books. Finally we hit the digital age. How will our planetary protagonist respond to that?

You will have to watch this marvelous animation to find out but it is another example of how the medium of animation can raise important issues and provoke thought and discussion.  Of course, any piece of work which name checks J Baudrillard, French sociologist, philosopher, cultural theorist, political commentator, and photographer will get my vote straight away. This is an exceptional debut by Mr Marrone (who also has a very cool website showcasing a lot of his work) and bodes very well for what we might see from him in the future.