15 August 2012


You may not recognize yourself in here (just yet!) but you may, like me, see something of your parents or your grandparents. An old couple, who have obviously been together for many decades, go through the day.

The man is somewhat static, focused on fixing a broken alarm clock. His wife goes about the daily chores which include cleaning her husband’s glasses at regular intervals. The feeling is one of two people utterly used to and comfortable in each other’s company. Not a great deal happens but as the title suggests, romance is not dead between the two.

This charming animated short was created by students from the Bezalel Academy in Israel. Ore Peleg was responsible for direction, story, animation and compositing while Roni Cohen was in charge of art, modeling, lighting and rendering. Again, students from this small but over a century old academy come up with world class animation – congratulations to all involved.