12 August 2012


A hungry little fish searches for food but very quickly becomes distracted by the shiny pink bait on the end of a very sharp looking round thing. This doesn’t have the poor little guy being reeled in as its denouement, so don’t worry. It is, however, a very fine example of some of the animation coming out of Africa these days.

Character Matters Animation Studio, the maker of Hooked is an award winning 3D Animation Studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. Character Matters is passionate about the development and creation of memorable animated feature films, television series and characters that appeal to the whole family. Combining cutting edge technology with creative talent, the staff over at Character Matters delivers world class 3D animation. They are hardly new kids on the animation block, either, having been around for 15 years. However, this may be the year that the rest of the world sits up and takes notice!