16 August 2012

Jungle Brawl

We have featured the wonderful work of Lee Daniels on Kuriositas before so you may well already have a good idea what to expect here. If not, well you are in for just over four minutes of fun.  Lee’s animations often feature the adventures of this particular chimp. He’s an independent and wily monkey who, in the great tradition of animation, always gets the better of his pursuer. In this case it’s a mercenary chap sent out by a research lab to capture a blue chimp for experimentation. Our hero, of course is having none of that!

You can see more of Lee Daniel’s work at his website.  Rest assured we will be seeing our simian friend again as Lee promises that this will be the first in a web series. Awesome! A word of warning: don't sit little Jimmy down in front of this until you have watched it yourself and decided on its suitability!