12 August 2012


This is an unusual take on Death! Usually Death is portrayed as a man – in fact I cannot think of any example where he has been portrayed as a woman – though I am sure I will shortly stand corrected on that. Yet here she is, Death in all her female glory – plus, it seems that she is also a single mum.  With an IT fixated kid who demands more time than she give the ingredients are all there for something to give. And oh boy, does it give!

Mortys was realised by four students of ESMA Montpellier :
Gaëlle Lebègue, Ness (Aurélien) Ronceray-Peslin, Nicolas Villeneuve and Mathieu Vidal. For a student work it is, I hope you will agree, of an astonishingly high standard.

Two of the students involved, Ness and Nico are now members of Bad Kidow Company, and audiovisual agency. This is a very cool animated short which combines a very clever script with marvellous, state of the art animation.