28 August 2012

Dalek Cupcakes Are Out of This World (and You Can Make Your Own!)

The new season of the award winning BBC TV series Doctor Who is almost upon us. Once again the Doctor will face his oldest and deadliest foes in Asylum of the Daleks. If you have been scratching your head about what treats to stock up on for the season premier, then look no further! Dalek cupcakes are the perfect accompaniment to this long anticipated episode.

The great thing about Dalek cupcakes is that you can buy the cupcakes, you don't need to bake them so you can be useless in the kitchen and still successfully surprise and delight your guests with these out of this world creations! All you need is access to the internet and a color printer and you are going to be able to create your very own dalek cupcakes (see the botton of this post). But who do you thank for this? Just like the daleks themselves, the cupcake must have an originator.

Thanks to Flickr user seelensturm who is a cupcake wizard (or perhaps we should say Time Lord), all you have to do is click on the picture on the left for the link to download the template.

You will need a color printer but once you have the shapes printed off you can cut out the dalek shapes.

A little twisting and sticky backed plastic later and you will have your very own dalek cupcakes

No one needs to know that you haven’t baked the cakes yourself of course!

All pictures are from seelenstur's wonderful Flickr Photostream.

There's more! If you want to create your own Doctor Who, Dalek and Cyberman popcorn holder, then just click on to the picture below. With all those cakes and popcorn, be careful you don't miss the episode!