21 August 2012

Goldfinger: Why James Bond was Banned in Israel

Look, Miss Eaton, will you please put your face on the pillow? You’re supposed to be dead! It turns out that Shirley Eaton, the actress who played the doomed Jill Masterson the third installment of the James Bond juggernaut, was thought by many to have died after being painted a certain bullion hue for Goldfinger.

This is one of many obscure but extremely interesting facts that Neatorama has about the movie including the very real proscription of the film in Israel. The ban centered around the actor who played Goldfinger, Gert No, Mr. Bond....I expect you to die Frobe. The truth being so often stranger than fiction, head over to Neatorama to find out what happened and what, indeed, was the reality.

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