27 August 2012

Bill Wearing Socks - A Tribute to Bill Murray

What do you do if you want to say a great big thank you to Bill Murray for all his wonderful performances over the years but you don’t feel that you have the words? You could always do what Niege Borges has done here and feed your gratitude in to creativity (something of which no doubt Mr Murray would approve). Niege has taken a simple idea – a cut out paper doll of the famous Hollywood actor – and dressed him in the clothes which match his performances over the years.

I have to admit there were a few movies here which I had forgotten about (for better or worse!) but this certainly beats a rather the more prosaic and static filmographies we are used to. Great work, Niege – with crisp editing by Vinícius Perez who was in charge of editing this animated short. If you are impressed and also a huge Bill Murray fan then you may want to take a look at the short’s limited edition poster.