1 July 2012

9 ½ Minutes, Short Film Starring David Tennant

This may be a David Tennant acting role that you haven’t come across before. This short was made in 2002, three years before Tennant landed the role of Doctor Who.  It tells the story of Charlie (Tennant) and Heather (Zoe Telford) who are on a blind date but this isn’t quite your average boy meets girl. They go from introduction, seduction, relationship, boredom, to break up - in 9 1/2 minutes. 

If you are scratching your head wondering where you have seen Zoe Telford before, it could be that you have seen her in the role as Sarah, a doctor, in the BBC series Sherlock as the pretty love interest of Dr. Watson. 9 ½ Minutes was written and directed by Josh Appignanesi and Misha Manson-Smith.