25 July 2012

Olympic Stadium – London 2012, Animated

If it hasn’t hit you yet that something rather large and sporty is opening in London this coming Friday then what planet have you been living on (and can I join you)?  Yes it’s the opening of the 2012 Olympics of course and its centerpiece is the new and terribly expensive (but built on time and under budget) stadium.

The news reports fail to give a proper impression of just how massive the stadium is. This rather playful film by creative designers Squintopera, launched the design to the public and was used by all major broadcasters (BBC, SKY, CNN) as the main accompanying animation for Olympic news segments.  It makes great use of animation to get the whole concept of the stadium (and its post Olympic use) across and is really rather jolly. As we inch towards the opening ceremony, basking in the first real sunshine that the UK has had since April, we can only hope the general all round jolliness continues.