10 July 2012


It is 2067 AD. The human race has obliterated itself and left the earth to its successors. They are split in to two group – the first is the exoids which are robots (but with a difference).

The other species which has survived and thrived is not as you might expect the cockroach but in this particular apocalyptic scenario it is the slug which survived the ravages of nuclear war.

We get to meet one slug in particular, the cigar chewing road warrior called Gus Nitrous. We meet our hero in his continual search for water but this inevitably leads him in to the domain of the exoids and in to trouble. This is a very entertaining chase movie made more so by the ideas behind it.

I particularly liked the idea of co-evolution, where as the slugs have progressed so have the killing machines pitted against them. With names like JetFly, Scorpolice, TankRoach and Heliwasp, someone had a lot of fun thinking up these robotic creatures! I also liked the way that Gus is not much larger than his present day ancestors - but I didn't realise that for a while! Can we have a whole series please? I felt this was the tip of the exoid iceberg, as it were.

Exoids was directed by Aristomenis (Meni) Tsirbas (left) and his team (sorry guys, too many of you to mention but outstanding work!). Tsirbas has been directing film and TV for over 10 years and works in both live action and animation.

He also has 15 years experience as a visual effects supervisor and digital artist. Born in Montreal, Canada, he majored in film production at Concordia University. In 1996 he moved to Los Angeles to work on James Cameron’s Titanic and national advertising spots for Nike, 7UP and Coca-Cola. More recently his work has been more in the sphere of science fiction.

As a visual effects supervisor Meni has worked on Miramax’s A Wrinkle in Time, Disney's My Favorite Martian and Paramount’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.