6 July 2012


A mysterious figure, perhaps some kind of shamen, lost in a far away realm, has an undertaking.  Slowly he juggles with cogs and gears to build something large and complex – which works.  This is the rather enigmatic premise of this animated short film, but it is one you should go with for several reasons. First of all you are going to see some of the most imaginative imagery you have seen for some time.  Secondly, you have to hold out for the ending!

Remarkably, this is a student film, one of a number from ArtFX that we have featured over recent weeks.  It is the work of Kévin Baudelle, Johanna Olombel and Johann Troude. When you get to the end you will, after picking your jaw off the floor, see a quotation by the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, which I will take the liberty of translating back.   This visible world is only the mirror of the will.