21 July 2012

Eduard Romanyuta: I’ll Never Let You Go

Don’t be deceived by the incredibly sloppy (albeit beautifully filmed) start to this video by Ukrainian singing star Eduard Romanyuta for his single I’ll Never Let You Go. Yes, it’s a case of boy having met girl, boy gets girl in to a field in the summer for a little Anakin and Padmé type fooling about. As part of the cycle of romance we have seen it all before – but then come the alien invaders! At first our naive duo thinks that the visitors must be friendly – and then tragedy strikes.

There will be a part two, which of course we will post up on Kuriositas as soon as it comes out. Directed by Chupacabra, the CGI is excellent and it is great to see another city other than New York, London or Paris getting the full alien invasion and destruction treatment.  Shame it has to be Kiev – I always thought it looked rather pretty. Anyway, here's the trailer for Invincible.