29 July 2012


This South Korean animated short involves surely one of the most bizarre – and certainly the grossest – method of eluding abduction by aliens. A farmer is taking his prize pig to market when the close encounter begins. As he and his porcine pal are pulled inexorably towards the spaceship, desperate times call for desperate measures...

Yet what are the visitors from the stars truly after? Created by Geuntae Park, JongKi Jeon and Kyung Soo Yu and written by 7sloth, Burp even has a final, trick up its, er, sleeve.

This animated short boasts incredibly high production values and the animation really is state of the art with the spaceship, characters and the South Korean countryside all beautifully realised. Yet, you cannot for an instant imagine Pixar attempting this sort of denouement – whatever the temptation! If you aren’t grossed out by what has come before it, then you will probably laugh out loud. If not, apologies.