7 July 2012

The Walking Dead - The Marriage Proposal

This is awesome – and I rarely use that word about anything to do with weddings. I have heard that people go to some lengths to propose to their sweetheart but making your own zombie movie? That’s a new one on me! The story here is that Philadelphia based director and photographer Free The Still (real name Phillip Yi) was asked by his friend Steve to help film and document his engagement to his girlfriend Hanna.

Simple enough – but this is what then became of that simple request!  As Hanna is the biggest fan of The Walking Dead ever, it wasn’t long before they came up with an idea – a very, very cool idea. A young man wakes up one morning to discover that the world has changed forever. He resolves to find his loved one, risking life and limb in the zombie-infested suburbs to do so...

The movie was shot with the help of a number of friends as zombie extras and the scene was then set for the restaurant proposal. The groom to be placed a tablet computer under the nose of his girl-friend and played his proposal movie. As Steve (bravely allowing it to be filmed: what if she had said no?) builds up to the proposal you can see Hanna’s reactions in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Not only that we get to see the actual post-movie proposal (I won’t say whether she consented; you have to watch it to find out). Plus, there is a little bit of zombie footage you just know the cast would not have been able to resist. Please note. Anyone thinking about proposing to me should know that two of my favorite movies are Mary Poppins and Gladiator. See what you can do with them, eh?

Oh and this is what Steve Yeun (who plays Glenn in The Walking Dead) had to say to the happy couple when he heard about The Marriage Proposal.