21 July 2012

Within Two Worlds

This is something of real quality – being from a certain island nation I would say BBC quality (and I think that is a sufficiently global brand for you all to get that!).  A remarkable piece of time-lapse photography, this was created by Brad Goldpaint of Goldpaint Photography.  Its amazing vistas include, Tumalo Falls, Three Sisters Wilderness, Mount Shasta, Big Bend National Park, Mono Lake (with its tufa towers, my personal favorite here), Aurora Borealis over Crater Lake National Park, Texas, Painted Hills, the High Sierra, and the Aurora Borealis over Sparks Lake.

This time-lapse video is Goldpaint’s visual representation of how the night sky and landscapes co-exist within a world of contradictions. In creating this, he aimed to help inspire people to discover and create their own opportunities, to reach their rightful place within two worlds. There are also a number of limited edition prints available at his website, so please visit before they run out! Goldpaint Photography also has the prerequisite Facebook page.