1 July 2012


At some point in the near future mankind has exhausted the resources of planet Earth and has to look further afield.  Mars is the subject of a terraforming operation which takes four hundred years. After all this time, people can at last step on to its surface.

This visually stunning animated short was created by Arthur Bayard, Félicien Daros,  Guillaume Dadaglio,  Vincent Glaize and Thomas Nivet, part of this year’s graduating class at ArtFX in Montpelier.  It is in French, without subtitles.  Yet, you will get the gist of what is going on even if you do not speak the language!

My school boy French, however, still works a little! The introduction (kinda) reads “In the twenty first century the conversion of the planet Mars in to conditions of a terrestrial nature was humanity’s greatest adventure – and it greatest challenge.  Little by little this distant but epic task became legend.”