27 July 2012

Epic Slo Mo

The above is proof positive that you do not need a Hollywood budget in order to get some fantastic, explosive effects on film. The entire budget for this epic short created by Neumann Films was around $200 (plus the rental of the camera). As you will see the crew had a huge amount of fun making it and hopefully that will be reflected in the amount of fun you have watching it!

In fact, it has so many examples of epic slow motion that you will probably not need to watch another slo mo video again for at least a week.

You may wonder who made this and how it was done. Neumann Films was started by Luke and Marika Neumann back in 2010. Their goal is to bring high quality short films and tutorials to YouTube as well as offering low cost tools to assist in Indie Productions. Go take a look at their website – if you are an aspiring filmmaker you will find it very useful (not to mention good fun too).