9 July 2012

The Bullfighter’s Tailor

A short while ago Kuriositas featured the awesome Castellers of Spain.  Included was a short film by Mike Randolph, which beautifully captured the essence of what the castellers do. Mike’s amazing video went viral and garnered over a million and half hits.  For his latest piece he stays in Spain and features the remarkable process of creating a new suit for a bullfighter.

I do realise that bullfighting isn’t really in the Kuriositas demographic (so please don’t swamp me with emails) but you won’t see a single bull in this video. Rather, what you will see is a fascinating insight in to the creation of a new suit for bullfighter Carlos, from the choice of materials to the moment he steps in to the ring. You can see a lot more of Mike Randolph’s photos and videos of Spain at his website.  Go visit – they really do justice to that remarkable country.