31 October 2012

Zombies of Oz: No Place Like Home

If you are like me you must have wondered what happened to Dorothy when she got back from Oz (sequels aside, of course!). Hickory, Hunk and Zeke (aka the cowardly lion, the tin man and the scarecrow) are still there. Yet Dorothy awakens in the barn with the three farm hands visibly scared and no sign of Aunt Em and Uncle Henry anywhere.

You have probably guessed from the title that Dorothy has woken up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse (or perhaps an Ozpocalypse?).  In only a short space of time the undead are knocking on the barn door and the four survivors must meet their destiny.

I thoroughly enjoyed this take on the Oz tales by Mai Nakanishi and Christine DeJoy of Vancouver Film School although I can easily see why Oz purists may not immediately take to it! Yet this tells a tale (however alternative) extremely well, with more than just the Dorothy meets the zombies twist too. A bravura piece of filmmaking – is this really a student film?