5 October 2012

James Bond - A Tribute to 50 Years of 007

Fifty years ago James Bond hit the big screen for the first time. As such you have probably been exposed to plenty of TV and newspaper reportage marking the anniversary.  This video tribute to James Bond’s 50 years on the silver screen, edited by Nick Bosworth is, in my opinion, just about the best we are going to get. It starts with excerpts of interviews with Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, which even now has the capacity to arrive.  I had no idea, for example, that Fleming audaciously stole the name of Bond – but from a rather unexpected source.

Then of course, you have the different Bonds down the years not to mention all the actors who have portrayed the various elements of the British secret service.  There are all the villains to be found here – plus Bond’s escapes (in quite a number of glamorous cars) and some of his best one-liners.  The, of course, there are the girls. This homage is wonderfully put together with a sense of humor of which I suspect Bond himself would approve.