7 October 2012

28 Bubbles Later

It’s early on a Sunday morning, the sun is rising and a man prepares to drive through the almost deserted streets of London. He drives over Blackheath, eerily misty, the vapors hovering just above the ground – the burial place of so many victims of the great plague.  His mission takes him to Greenwich Park where he unloads the mysterious contents of his van.

Is he preparing for the latest onslaught of the undead? Will he go down fighting, one of the few men left alive after the apocalypse? Not quite. It’s Lionel Stanhope aka the Brockley Bubbleman and he’s in the park to create some of the biggest bubbles you will ever see.  And oh they are glorious. OK, they may not give you the same adrenalin rush as being chased by a horde of zombies but they most certainly beat having your nose bitten off by one of the undead.