7 October 2012

David Blaine is Electrified at New York’s Pier 54

Spare a thought for David Blaine. There aren’t many professions, after all, where you feel the need to top last week’s work with something a little bigger and better. Most people are happy for a certain status quo when it comes to their working life. However, if you are an illusionist and an endurance artist then each new trick has to be just that little more extreme than the last. That is the only reason I can imagine, as for his latest stunt – Electrified – Blaine has chosen to have himself raised on a platform 20 feet in the air.

That’s not all – of course, it couldn’t be. Over the 72 hour period that he has been on his platform he has made himself the focal point of the high-voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating-current electricity produced by seven tesla coils cunningly placed around his periphery. It gets worse. He is only protected by a chainmail suit (weighing 20kg) and a helmet made from wire and spectators at viewing points at four world capitals (Beijing, Tokyo, London and Sydney) can choose to vary the currents aimed at his form. It only takes one nastily inclined individual wanting to mete out unfair punishment for him to be zapped good and proper (as they say in London). Most people refer to that type of person as senior management. Well, it’s one way to make a living I guess.

First Image Credit Flickr User horsepunchkid