14 October 2012


I have to admit that I have always had a certain tranquil jealousy towards professional musicians (and by that I mean I am jealous, yes, but far too chilled to get bothered about it – or learn an instrument properly myself!).

Many musicians have the ability to get so wrapped up in their music that the rest of the world is gone and they are off, in their own little universe.  You have to wonder sometimes what’s inside that cosmos of their own creation – and this animated short about a saxophone player by Deen Heezen may well give the rest of us poor instrument-less souls an insight. The music is by the Griffith Hiltz Trio.

If you have some time, do pop over to Deen Heezen’s website.  His static artwork deserves to be seen too - and it just goes to show that the old adage about animation remains true, even in this day and age of digital wizardry: it ain’t gonna be any good unless you can draw.