26 October 2012


The year is 2071 and technology has allowed humanity to spread out in to the universe. Planets can be colonized and one of them is named Gaia. Before settlers can arrive the planet must be fully surveyed and its safety proven. An astronaut is sent on this solo mission but what he discovers could bring human life to an end on Gaia.

Directed by Tyson Wade Johnston and starring Justin Zachary (the writing honors going to both) Seed is a tense short film which looks amazing. It was inspired by a number of 60s and 70s movies, including Planet of the Apes, 2001 A Space Odyssey and Close Encounters and it certainly does have the look and feel of those decades. Yet it stands very well in its own right too.

Like much of the best science fiction, Seed allows the viewer to use their imagination to interpret the events as they unfold (and unfold and unfold in this case).