1 October 2012

On Wednesdays

We all have – or at least pretend that we do – strategies for growing old.  I long ago agreed with my brother that if we fall on hard times in our seventies or eighties then we will start to rob banks. We will surely be caught but there is a bright side. After all, you get three meals a day inside prison and you hardly have to worry about dropping the soap at that age…

With that in mind, this old lady has her own plans too.  On Wednesdays she goes shopping and takes all the time in the world to choose, ensuring all the goods that she will buy are in perfect condition. She makes sure that she always embeds a bony finger in to the delicious smelling fresh bread and always shakes the eggs to see if they are good.  This sweetly sad but funny short film comes via a team of young Lithuanian talents and stars a celebrated Lithuanian writer, actor, director Galina Dauguvietytė who is now 86 years old herself. The short itself, however, is directed by Ieva Javaityte.

Despite its brevity this little film has great warmth and when it premiered it went on to be nominated as a Best Lithuanian Short at the National Film and TV Awards. Not only that but it qualified for The Short Film Corner in the International Cannes Film Festival last year.