14 October 2012

Prometheus Engineer Steals the Show at New York Comic Con

Regulars at New York Comic Con, the largest pop culture event on the East Coast of the US, are used to people turning up in costume. So used, in fact, that eyelids are rarely batted. This year, however, one gentleman turned up with hardly any clothes on. Wait, they’re used to that, too.

However, this particular costume (if it can be called that) consisted of a few clever prosthetics, lots of makeup and a loincloth. The fact that the gentleman involved had also spent about ten decades in the gym certainly helped give everyone the impression that he was, indeed, one of The Engineers from the Ridley Scott movie Prometheus.

We suspect that the scientists with him may not have been aiming for quite so much verisimilitude, however. Prometheus purists may argue that this particular Engineer was a good meter too short for the part, but we think that, in this case, it is pretty much besides the point. No guesses what costume he might be reproducing for Halloween...

First Image Credit Flickr User Cocteau Boy