14 October 2012

This Leak

I found this short film, directed by Juanma Carillo and Felix Fernandez challenging but rewarding – even though I am not sure that even after a few viewings I can adequately describe my emotional response to it. That, however, is not so important – it is your own reaction which is important, after all.

There are occasions when a simple discovery can change a life forever and This Leak follows a financial sector worker, in New York City, through his unplanned discovery of how his actions, and those of  others in positions of authority impact on individuals at the bottom of society’s ladder.  In some ways it is en extended visual metaphor, his reactions interpreted through some stunning cinematography and dance choreography.  I found the gold vomitus a particularly compelling image. This is a captivating and enigmatic piece of film-making.

The music is by Rubeck from their 2011 album The Incident.