28 May 2013

Appearance - Charlie Higson Gets More Than He Bargained For at a Book Signing

Charlie Higson became well known in the UK for his comedy acting in series such as The Fast Show yet he is known to a newer audience as the author of the Young Bond novels.  He has also written a popular if gruesome series called The Enemy, a series of zombie books for teenagers, effectively (would make a very good replacement to Harry Potter at the cinema) where everyone over 16 becomes undead and the kids are left to fight off the hordes.

It seems he is not quite ready to give up the comedy, however.  To begin with I thought that Appearance was simply that – a short created to show him engaging young people about his writing as a British school.  However, it is something a little more… when he is accosted by a pair of sullen yet spooky teenagers the truth about his writing career comes out.

Charlie Higson’s fifth installment in The Enemy cycle of novels is due out this year.