25 May 2013


This is short film making at its barest; the minimum of dialogue reflects the dislocated lives led by its unnamed protagonists.  A Thames side block of flats is shared by a group of people and the only real knowledge they seem to have of each other is through the intercom used to buzz people in.  Yet one stands out to all of them, the brash young man who makes their lives miserable by coming noisily home at all times of the day.  Even when he is at home everyone knows it too, with his banging and clattering – not to mention the loud music he consistently plays.

If this makes it look like nothing much happens then believe me, something does but I don’t want to spoil it for you.  I will say, however, that the short film makes a profound statement about how we live and what our responsibilities to others may be.  With a cast made up of wonderful British actors Jenny Agutter (pictured above and still as fragrant as ever!), Marc Warren and David Calder, Intercom has won 5 awards and has been featured on selections at 20 festivals. It was written, directed and produced by Mark Gutteridge.