18 May 2013

Does the British Government Really Care?

In my real world life I teach teenagers at a college in South East London. I mostly deliver a range of IT subjects and a recent addition to the curriculum has been designing and running a blog. My group this year created 2wenty4se7en.com as a two month project and it has been (at least in my mind!) successful: it has generated income, and enabled my students to learn more about blogging from a personal and business perspective. Another benefit has been that it has encouraged the students to look closely at their literacy skills and work towards producing good copy.

So, take a look at the latest post by one of my students, Louis Christodoulou (pictured left) by clicking on any of pictures or the link below. Like many in the UK the recession has hit his family hard and he has not escaped its ravages either, finding it impossible to get even a part time job. You may agree wholeheartedly with his sentiments or you may disagree entirely – it will all depend on your politics. Yet I am very proud of his feature on Does the British Government Really Care?

This isn’t a two minute talking hoodied head on the TV, it’s not a sound bite gathered quickly by an anxious journalist in the darkest depths of South East London. This is the real deal. This is a British youth beginning to find his voice, one which speaks for his generation through online journalism (which you would probably agree is better than a brick through a window). As such it is both a plea and a warning.

If you are reading this and you are an employer in London and you want to give a hard-working and diligent young man a start in life by offering him a meaningful job (or an interview!), then drop me a line!